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  1. I have been a customer of Axis bank right from the start. I have grown to appreciate the spoilt customer axis bank has made me. WIth its progress and ease in almost every aspect of banking I have grown accustomed to unnecessary ease in my banking operations. WHen i visit banks elsewhere I notice how blessed I am to have a bank that takes customer convenience seriously. To the other people out there all i can say is that they don’t know how valued they are supposed to be. Axis Bank has truly transformed the concept of banking and as far as my banking needs are concerned, i won’t ever be going anywhere else as long as this focus of the bank is carried on.

  2. Axis Bank was a great and very generous offering to people who want an advanced banking network. Its various initiatives with the technology-centric nature it has are greatly facilitating what its customers may lack in only one thing which is a comparatively lower number of branches. However, the branchless banking is quickly eliminating this need and moreover, i have never had to face any backlash on axis bank’s side in terms of transactions os or me it’s pretty wise decision given the transition of the world from conventional methods to being tech savvy.

  3. Form last few days i dont know why my axis bank login portal not working, i dont know why?
    does anybody face these this issue like me. I am thinking that i should contact to axis bank support department for help, I am commenting here to know any body face same issue??

  4. The way Axis Bank has grown over the years in the last couple of years and specialized in pretty much every service providing industry like insurance, banking, finance services and more is pretty dramatic. IT did not only focus on making more branches but rather focused on the intangible and emerged as the most advanced and innovative bank i have ever seen. I have never seen such a vast and featureful mobile banking and online banking experience before Axis Bank. It’s the true representation of modern day technology making a mundane service like banking more interesting and convenient.

  5. I was quite impressed to see Axis Bank really hoping on board with some of the largest banks alive not on the basis of size but in-fact supporting its growth throughout with its advanced infrastructure. Truly my favorite aspect was its humongous number of complementaries I got with opening an account in Axis bank thanks to its conglomerate nature as well as the numerous startups it has like its wireless banking facility and many other modes enhancing the core concept of banking.

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