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  1. My main requirement when searching for a good bank my father could open his account in for retirement purpose was close proximity to his house and really great and compromising customer service. Owing to his age i knew only good customer service could bear with the short temper he had. So I was recommended to go to Canara bank as it had one of the largest number of branches in India and its customer service was quite praised. It’s now been 6 years and my father feels right at home with the way Canara Bank facilitates him.

  2. I have had an account at Canara Bank for almost 12 years now ! I have undoubtedly had a very seamless and well transitioning journey from the conventional era to the tech savvy age today. In all these years i have never one experienced out of cash ATMs or slow transactional speeds except on extremes. My experience has led me to believe that while good customer service isn’t what people prefer, it’s something that really feels good to get. This is the reason why I am a persistent loyal account holder of Canara.

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